The Skeleton Method

How to use the Skeleton Method to Write Your Book and Go from Zero to Bestseller in 10 Weeks

People have been asking you about your book long enough. It's time. Write and publish the right book (that will help you to grow your business). Go from Zero to Bestseller in 10 Weeks with a method that has worked for thousands of authors -- business owners, teachers, founders, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs.


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Dr. Kent Gustavson and Randy Baker have devoted their lives to working with people to make a difference. Dr. Kent talked about this is his TED Talk here.Randy brought a company to Wall Street, and he has been in the highest level boardrooms in the world, with billions of dollars of value created over a 40-year career.And then Randy published a book that earned him $300,000, and showed him how books could also help other entrepreneurs make a bigger impact (and make a lot of money).Dr. Kent and Randy have teamed up to disrupt the ghostwriting industry, and they are offering a program to ghostwrite and publish a book for less than $5k. (Scroll down for more information.)But now they've agreed to share their secrets.In this webinar are the three secrets to the Skeleton Method, which is disrupting the publishing industry.For the first time they have offered this advice for free ...Learn how to write and publish a book that can help grow your business ...... within 10 weeks.

What will you get?

The Skeleton Method

✅ A book shepherd to brand and guide you to the right book, working right alongside you and our team, to make sure we reach our goal of a published (and if all goes well, bestselling) book
✅ A team of journalists, editors, ghostwriters, and designers, who will strategize with you, interview you, write for you, edit and polish for you, and deliver for you
✅ A print-ready book ready to upload to any print-on-demand service (CreateSpace, LightningSource, Ingram Spark, to name a few), including layout design, typesetting, cover design, and much more
✅ An ebook ready to upload to Amazon and all other ebook stores

What people are saying


"I am a best-selling author today because Kent believed in me, took my hand, guided me through the process, and ultimately threw me and my book across the finish line! I cannot say enough about his heart and his head – he knows his stuff and he cares greatly for his clients. I've referred more than a dozen aspiring authors to him, and I hear these same comments from all of them."Dr. Andy Neillie
Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Professor, Entrepreneur

“I worked with Kent for six months on authoring my very first book... And, frankly, if it weren’t for Kent and his brilliant coaching, I would not have had this concept at all. I owe it to him in every way; through his creativity, through his questioning, and his great listening, he has helped me create not only this book concept, but a platform from which I will speak again and again.”Jennifer Powers
Professional Speaker, Master Certified Coach, Bestselling Author

"Kent's advice and insights were incredible. He came up with some golden nuggets that really helped us move a project forward. He is super thoughtful and explains things in a way that sticks."Dan Martell
Mentor at 500Startups, Serial Founder (Clarity, Flowtown, Spheric Tech)

"Ever work with someone that is so professional and a cut above everyone else, that you can no longer can work with another? Kent tested my business theories in his own world and came back with what was impactful. Few editors take the time to 'get' your project. Kent does."Bradley Szollose
TEDx Speaker, Axiom Award-Winning Author, Executive Coach

"Incredible mind and amazing heart to pull out the latent story I didn't even know was there."Rob Garrity
Solar Energy Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker

The Skeleton Method

Books that matter.

We have worked with thousands of authors over the past two decades, and we believe that all books matter. And that all books should be written to make a difference. Join us to write your book, because the world needs to read what you have to say.

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We accept only a limited number of authors at any one time. Because our entire team works one-on-one with our clients, we keep the program small, so please reach out now!We don't have a sales team, so you will be getting on a quick call with one of the founders of the program. Here are their two links for a brief call, where they can address your questions. (Talk to Randy about the business case for a book, or talk to Dr. Kent about your book's brand, for example.)More about Randy Baker
More about Dr. Kent Gustavson

We know that money can be tight for many entrepreneurs, and we always advise our clients not to over-invest. That's also why we are so incredibly focused on ROI (return on investment) with The Skeleton Method.We truly believe (and we have seen, time and time again), that if you follow this process, it will help you grow your business, understand your unique selling proposition (USP) better, and get more (and higher level) clients, better engagements, and more excitement around your subject matter.With that in mind, we refer clients to an external financial institution that provides financing for authors working on projects like this. Click below to see what they might be able to offer in your specific case.

The Skeleton Method


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